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Live every day like its your last.....

Candace Dee
1 September 1983
My name is Candace but people throughout my life have always given me nicknames, such as Bee, C.C., Candy, Candy Girl, etc. I'd rather be at the rooftop of a top notch hotel in the Keys with a bar, a pool, massage parlor, sauna, and of course a great view of nothing but ocean and deep blue sky. But I'm in Kentucky most of the year. Im 24 years old, a Virgo, and I have too many interests to really name, as you can probably tell by the scattered list. Anyway....

Im crazy most of the time but serious when I need to be. I dont like keeping anything in, so I "rant" sometimes. I started this journal back in 2002 during my freshmen year of college and most of my friends have stuck with me for quite some time. Besides keeping up with friends, I also like to be able to look back on entries I wrote several years ago. I access the internet through an AOL account at times, but ONLY CHAT through Yahoo IM. Other than that, I'm a little bit of everything. <3

MY WEATHER PIXIE: (so I know the weather of course)

The WeatherPixie

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